205 thousand of the actually unemployed people in Belarus. This number 25 times exceeds the official unemployment rate

    According to the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat), in the first half of the year the actual unemployment rate amounted to 4.1% of the labor force. 205.3 thousand people were unemployed. This data was calculated according to the methodology of the International Labour Organization. The official unemployment rate is about 25 times less than the actual one, writes zerkalo.io.

    Judging by the dynamics, in the first half of 2020, 206.8 thousand Belarusians were actually unemployed. The data was calculated based on a sample survey of households using the methodology of the International Labour Organization.

    The officially registered unemployment rate in Belarus is much lower than the actual unemployment rate. As of July 1, 7.900 people were registered as unemployed by employment centers. The majority of the officially unemployed persons were from the Brest region – 1.5 thousand; Minsk was the least in number (739 people). This data was provided by the Ministry of Labour and committees on labour, employment and social protection.

    That is, the actual number of the unemployed approximately 25 times exceeds the official number.

    The low amount of unemployment allowance has been repeatedly stated by experts as one of the reasons why the Belarusians are not registered with employment centers. For example, in Minsk the average amount of this allowance in June was 29.17 rubles. The Ministry of Labor has repeatedly announced plans to increase these payments; however, this has not yet been achieved.

    According to Belstat, the majority of the unemployed are seeking employment on their own, including by using newspapers, the Internet, friends, relatives and acquaintances. Almost 20% of the unemployed in their search for employment applied to the employment bureau and the republic-wide job bank.

    According to official statistics, the rate of unemployed women amounted to 41%. The average age of the unemployed is 38.9 years old.