Congratulations on Christmas and New Year from BKDP Chairman Aliaksandr Yarashuk

    Dear friends!

    2021 will soon become history. Perhaps, for Belarusians, it was even harder than 2020. Terror, repression and violence gained momentum. Tens of thousands of our citizens faced them.

    The political crisis is gradually developing into social and economic crisis. Inflation has almost doubled. Prices have risen significantly, and salaries have remained meager for many. Repressive amendments were made to the Labour Code which deprived workers of their rights.

    However, life goes on, and we all should look to the future. I see THREE most important things that Belarusians should remember in the year of 2022.

    First. We need to keep Faith in ourselves and in our strength, Faith in our success.

    Second. May Hope for our Victory never leave us, no matter how hard it may be.

    Third. May Faith and Hope in our hearts be strengthened by Love – Love for our Belarus, Love for each other. Love is the only thing that can unite us, Belarusians.

    I wish everyone to stay alive and healthy, to have a job. I wish that your children and grandchildren please you and make you feel happy, no matter what.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Congratulations from Aliaksandr Yarashuk