Dozens of South American trade unions condemn pressure on independent trade unions in Belarus

    The world continues to develop  an international solidarity campaign in support of the workers’ and trade union movement in Belarus, demanding that the government of the Republic of Belarus release detained trade unionists and put an end to anti-union repression in Belarus. Dozens of Venezuelan, Brazilian and Argentinean unions have joined the demands.

    In the signed statements, a group of trade union leaders and activists from Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina demonstrate solidarity with the independent trade unions of Belarus.

    In their appeal, they demand an immediate end to the pressure and freedom for all who have been arrested.

    Strong international solidarity is required in order to put an end to this and reverse such repressive actions. That is why we support the demand for the release of all detained trade unionists and the abolition of legal claims against them.

    We understand that the protection of the rights of the working class must be carried out on a global scale, and therefore we expect concern for trade union and democratic freedoms anywhere in the world, and in this case – in Belarus”, – reads the statement by Venezuelan activists.


    Appeal from activists in Venezuela:

    Appeal from activists in Argentina:

    Appeal from activists in Brazil: