Great Britain imposes new sanctions against the official Minsk

    The package of trade, financial and aviation sanctions affects potash fertilizers, oil refining and aviation. The restrictions also apply to the transfer of technologies, goods that are used in the tobacco industry, goods and technologies of dual use that can be used for repression.

    Financial measures prohibit the purchase of securities and other financial market instruments, as well as the provision of loans to Belarus and state banks.

    “These sanctions show that Great Britain does not accept Lukashenko’s actions after the rigged elections. Lukashenko’s state-owned industry products will not be sold in the UK”, – UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said.

    The sanctions will also affect the aviation industry. In addition to the ban on flying in the airspace of the United Kingdom, London will refuse to maintain aircraft of airlines associated with Aleksandr and Viktor Lukashenko, Igor Sergeenko, Ivan Tertel, Viktor Khrenin, Nataliya Eismont and Ivan Kubrakov.

    Today, the UK announced the further tightening of the current arms embargo, as well as the inclusion of Russian businessman Mikhail Gutseriev in the sanctions list.