IndustriALL Global Union to support the liquidated trade unions in Belarus

    The regime in Belarus has dismantled the country’s independent trade unions. IndustriALL and affiliates stand strong in defending them and democracy in the country.

    The Supreme Court decided to liquidate and dissolve the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (BKDP), and its four members, three of them affiliated to IndustriALL – the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP), the Union of Radio and Electronics Workers (REP), the Free Trade Union of Belarus (SPB), and the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers (SPM).

    IndustriALL considers the decision null and void and continues to support its affiliates BITU, SPM and REP.

    In its letter to the ILO Director General for urgent intervention, “IndustriALL condemns in the strongest possible terms the court decision, which we do not recognize. We will continue to assist and fully support the independent trade unions in Belarus to guarantee their organizational continuity.”

    IndustriALL is demanding that the 15 trade union leaders and activists remaining in prison are released immediately.

    IndustriALL also demands that “as a matter of urgency, the government of Belarus must give access to visitors, including an ILO mission to the country, IndustriALL, ITUC and other global trade union organizations, to ascertain the conditions of arrest and detention and the welfare of the detained trade unionists.”

    In addition, IndustriALL demands that access be given to these organizations to observe the ongoing trials against trade unionists and trade union organizations.