Men in Belarus earn more than women

    The National Statistics Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat) has launched a new web-portal – Gender Statistics. It collects data on the status of men and women in a variety of areas: education, access to health care, the assignment of household duties, and the upbringing of children. Belstat refers to the data over time, arranged by years.

    In 2019, the average hourly earnings of a Belarusian man amounted to 6.5 BYN, the income of Belarusian women was only 4.90 BYN.

    When deciding what to spend the family budget on, men and women negotiate about it: only 22.1% of Belarusian women make their own decisions about how to manage finances.

    If the issue concerns big-budget purchases, then 10.4% of women make decisions independently in the family. As for routine shopping, it is a responsibility of women: 73.5% do it without asking an opinion of the other half.

    The ratio of the time spent by women and men on housekeeping (the so-called unpaid work) is 70.7% and 29.3%, respectively.

    Belstat has defined “a balance of rights and opportunities for women and men at all levels of political, economic and social life”. It turned out that almost half (47.8%) of all employees in leadership roles and their deputies in Belarus are women.