Staff shortage at OJSC Naftan: why interrupt labor dynasties? Olga Britikova’s address

    The Independent Trade Union is in the process of agreeing upon Notice No. 408 dated July 14, 2021 on the termination of labor relations between the employer and Andrey Igorevich Gorbunov, the shift supervisor of workshop 102 of the Polymir plant of OJSC Naftan.

    Andrey Gorbunov is 34 years old. He was born and raised in Novopolotsk. In 2009 he graduated from the Polotsk State University with a degree in Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbon Materials Processing Technology. The choice of specialty was not accidental. His grandfather, Leonid Ivanovich Gorbunov, took part in the construction of Polimir and the launch of the first stage of polyethylene production. His parents are also factory workers: father has worked at the enterprise for over 40 years, mother – for over 10 years.

    On January 29, 2018, a large article under the title “133 years with Polimir! The Gorbunovs’ overall length of service at the factory” was published in the factory newspaper Naftan’s Bulletin.

    For 12 years, Andrey Gorbunov has risen through the ranks from a grade 3 equipment operator to a shift supervisor. He knows and loves his job; he keeps on improving knowledge and skills and applying them in work, making suggestions for improving and increasing the efficiency of the shop.

    Andrey is a co-author of several efficiency proposals, some of which have been successfully implemented and bring benefit to OJSC Naftan. Other proposals are under development and consideration. Andrey is a family man; he is raising a 6-year-old son who may continue the dynasty since he has a good example.

    The notice of termination of labor relations was signed by the employer by three managers: Vitaly Zdislavovich Rutkevich, the Deputy Director of the Polymir plant; Aleksey Yuryevich Gorokhov, the head of polyethylene production; and Igor Vladimirovich Nikitin, the Deputy Director General for Security, Regime and Personnel. It is not certain who of them made the decision to terminate labor relations with a young promising and caring specialist, how balanced this decision was and what were the grounds. Considering that the head of production Aleksey Yuryevich Gorokhov is the person who, of all the signatories of the notice, knows best about the professional qualities of his subordinate employee and his labor contribution to the development of the enterprise, there is reason to believe that it was he who did not manage or, for some reason, did not want to bring information to Rutkevich and Nikitin, or did it in a distorted form.

    On behalf of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union, several letters were sent to the employer requesting for official information about Andrey Igorevich Gorbunov and containing a proposal to investigate the case and to take the situation under personal control in order to prevent the loss of competent specialists at the enterprise.

    A shortage of personnel at a city-forming enterprise with a fire and explosion hazardous production can lead to not just negative but catastrophic consequences with delayed action. At the same time, in order to demonstrate the level of support Andrey has gained in the collective of shop 102, the BNP organized the signing-in the petition to the employer on the continuation of the employment relationship. The petition was signed by 66 out of 71 workers of the shop.

    The Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) asks for support from the entire large team of both plants, Polimir and Naftan. You can support Andrey by signing the petition. Petition forms are available at the office of the Independent Trade Union at 38 Parkovaya Street. The office is open on weekdays between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.