Yara to stop buying potash from Belarus

    Norwegian Yara will wind down purchases of potash from Belarus by April 1 as international sanctions made it impossible to continue the trade, the company said in a statement.

    Yara has a strong commitment to universal human rights and condemns all forms of repression and human rights violations.

    With the support of human rights organizations and trade unions, Yara has sought positive change by leveraging its presence in Belarus to promote occupational safety and human rights”, the press release said.

    The effects of the current sanctions on Belarus reduce Yara’s ability to positively influence the safety and well-being of Belaruskali workers (Yara is a key partner of Belaruskali), the statement said.

    “For Yara, this is a disappointing development. We remain strongly committed to the safety and well-being of Belaruskali’s workers. Despite the wind-down of potash sourcing, Yara aims to continue the industrial safety program initiated in 2021, in close cooperation with the independent trade union in Belaruskali and in full compliance with applicable sanctions”, the company added.