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16-18 November 2010 series of seminars on occupational health and safety at work for public technical inspectors were run in primary organization of Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) at Mozyr Oil Refinery.

Within three days 68 public health and safety inspectors and activists of the independent union were retrained. Seminars were facilitated by the BKDP Chief Technical Inspector Vladimir Lozovski and chairman of the primary BNP organization at Mozyr Oil Refinery Yuri Shvets.

“Presidential Decree № 240 adopted in May this year has changed the procedure of implementing public control over observance of labor legislation. Enterprise managers demand that public inspectors are to have regular retraining. Therefore the BKDP has developed a special program for retraining of public inspectors in their organizations so that they could regularly update and expand their knowledge, "- says BKDP Chief Technical Inspector Vladimir Lozovsky.

Four major topics were discussed during the retraining seminars:

1. State policy in the field of occupational health & safety. Law on occupational health & safety.

2. Certification of working conditions at workplaces. Hazardous and harmful industrial factors and measures of protection.

 3. Compensation for damage caused to life and health of an employee and associated with performance of his job duties.

 4. Implementation by the trade unions of the public control over observance of labor legislation.

Within the framework of the developed BKDP retraining program seminars for public health and safety inspectors and activists are scheduled to be run at BNP primary organization of Naftan oil refinery and chemical company, at Belarusian Free Trade Union primary organization at Polotsk Fiber Glass "company as well as at primary organization of Free Metalworkers Union at the JSC" Lyos " company (Baran, Vitebsk region).

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