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Management of Mozyr Oil refinery has renewed its attempts on mass withdrawal of company workers from independent union.

According to chairman of primary organization of Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) at Mozyr oil refinery Yuri Shvets the General manager Anatoly Kupriyanov jointly with company Deputy director on ideology Gennady Teteruk and several foremen and shop managers including the leader of the local traditional government controlled union “Belkhimprovsoyouz” Olga Kulba using their official position have renewed their campaign aimed at mass withdrawal of workers and employees from the company independent union starting from March 2011.

The most active campaigns are taking place in the following company shops and sections:

Shop № 14, foreman Vitaly Podlivailo;

Shop № 15, foreman Sergei Redchits;

Automation and communication aids production shop, head Alexander Navnyko;

Company Center for cultural facilities – director Alexander Bury;

Company Housing and communal services section, director Nataliya Borisevich;

Company health & rehabilitation center “Sosny”, director Vasili Zhoglo.

“To force the workers to leave the independent union special talks and meetings are held after which the workers have to write applications for leaving the BNP union. These applications are, as a rule, sent directly to the accounting department and company office without even notifying the union”- says Yuri Shvets.

Besides, the deputy general manager on ideology Gennady Teteruk is doing everything not to allow the money resources envisaged by the collective agreement on certain union activities be transferred to the account of the BNP union.

An emergency session of the members of council representatives of the BNP union at Mozyr oil refinery was held at one of these days to decide upon the measures to resist the company management imposing pressure on union members and hindering its legitimate activities.

We recall that for the recent years the management of Mozyr oil refinery time and again has been interfering in the independent union affairs and imposing pressure on its members.

The BKDP is going to put the issue of violations of trade union rights of Belarusian Independent Union at OAO Mozyr oil refinery in the agenda of the next meeting of the Council for improving labor and social legislation under the auspices of Ministry of labor and social protection as well as to inform the International Labor Organization on these violations.

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