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Сегодня в Минске начала работу субрегиональная конференция юридической сети Всеевропейского регионального совета (ВЕРС) Международной конфедерации профсоюзов (МКП).
25.11.2015 | Comments
   The rally on October 7 dedicated to World Day for Decent Work (WDDW), held in the Minsk Park of Friendship, was attended by the representatives of metropolitan and regional union activists of all the four BK...
07.10.2015 | Comments
BKDP leader Alexander Yaroshuk addressed the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Marianna Shchetkina in connection with hunger strike of the leaders of Mozyr Oil Refinery local independent union Yuri Shvets and Va...
17.10.2013 | Comments
Vasili Alkhovski, Vice-chairperson of Mozyr Oil Refinery Company primary-level organization of Belarusian Independent Union (BNP)  despite the fact that  now he has a leg fracture and is on a sick leave toda...
17.10.2013 | Comments
Chairperson of primary-level organization of Belarusian Independent Union (BNP) at Mozyr Oil Refinery Yuri Shvets is going to start hunger strike on October 14, 2013 for protest of outrage caused by the employer in re...
17.10.2013 | Comments
 “Whatever repressions and threats, obstructions and bans are undertaken by the regime they will never force us to refuse from struggling for the rights and interests of our members and of all working peopl...
07.10.2013 | Comments
Minsk City Council refused BKDP to hold a meeting on October 7, 2013 dedicated to World Day for Decent Work explaining it by the fact that reservation for some other event has already been made in the venue and at the...
02.10.2013 | Comments
Today, on June 13 the Labor Standards Committee of the International Labor Organization (ILO) has taken a decision that Belarus is to be mentioned in a special paragraph of the Report of the ILO Standards Committee &n...
27.06.2013 | Comments
Activists of Belarusian Radio and Electronics Workers’ Union (REP) and Free Metalworkers Union (SPM) gathered together to mark the World Day for Decent Work in Bangalore Friendship Park and 50 Years of October Revolution Park on October 7, 2012. Their colleagues from Independent Trade Union (BNP) and Belarusian Free Trade Union (SPB) came from other regions of Belarus to support them. In the...
Yesterday, on 17 May, 13 BKDP representatives attended the meeting of the Council for improving social and labor legislation under the auspice of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Belarus (named hereinafter as Council). The issue "On how further to improve social dialogue in Belarus" was put in the agenda of the Council meeting. However, the representatives of BKDP’s affil...
23.05.2012 | Comments
The BKDP is going to challenge in the higher court the decision of the Chair of Luninets court Vasili Belski dated 11 April 2011 denying the claim for reinstatement of Oleg Stakhaevich, leader of Independent union at RUPP “Granite” Company. Moreover, the BKDP will address the International Labor Organization (ILO) and ask it to consider this fact as an addendum to the pending case 2090...
"Hold on to the last! Your victory will give force to the workers in the whole world! We, from our side, will make everything possible to help you "- with these words the union members at Kaluga “Volkswagen” Company and " Benteler Automotive " Company, affiliated to Inter-Regional Automotive Workers’ Union (MPRA), addressed the workers of RUPP "Granite&qu...
At the Congress of the Inter-Regional Automobile Industry Workers Union (MPRA) of the Russian Federation, which took place on April 8 in St. Petersburg, a resolution was adopted in support of members of independent trade...
On April 4 the Luninets district court considered the case on reinstatement of illegally dismissed leader of independent union at RUPP "Granite" Oleg Stakhaevich. The interests of Oleg Stakhaevich in court were represented by BKDP lawyer Elena Eskova and his fellow unionist Anatoly Litvinko. At least 40 people have come to support Oleg Stakhaevich including the BKDP leader Alexander Yaro...

In Berlin BKDP leader Alexander Yaroshuk met Michael Sommer, President of Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB), and other representatives of state and public institutions of Germany.

26.03.2012 | Comments

The General Secretary of European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the Pan-European Regional Council (PERC) Bernadette Ségol has made a statement on behalf of the 105 million workers from 46 countries of Europe about the situation in the RUPP "Granite" and addressed the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to put an end to imposing pressure on workers from Mikashevichi.

29.02.2012 | Comments

We kindly request you to write to the Belarusian authorities with copy to the company (see addresses below) and attach a model letter to this effect, with translations into Spanish and French following as soon as possible. Please send a copy to the ITUC Human and Trade Union Rights Department ([email protected]), PERC ( [email protected] ) and to BKDP ([email protected] ) and to the Belarus emba...

23.02.2012 | Comments

Members of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union of RUPP "Granite" in Mikashevichi are not going to tolerate the reprisals administered by the administration of the company against the leader of the organization Oleg Stakhaevich. They demand reinstatement of Oleg Stakhaevich at work, and if this is not done they will be ready to go on warning strike.

20.02.2012 | Comments
The AP BKDP Executive Committee made a Statement in connection with killing of striking oil workers of Zhanaozen town in Western Kazakhstan.
20.12.2011 | Comments
The activist of the Free Metalworkers’ Union (SPM) Valery Rybchenko was detained for 14 days for organizing Narodny Skhod (People’s Assembly) on October 8 in the town of Zhlobin. Members of the SPM condemn the actions of the Belarusian authorities against their colleague.
03.11.2011 | Comments

Rally of independent unions was held May 1 at Bangalore Square in Minsk to mark International Solidarity Day of workers and was attended by more than 200 activists. The rally was organized by of activists of the of electronics industry workers’ union (REP), which has succeeded to get permissio...

06.05.2011 | Comments
BKDP congratulates members of independent trade unions and all workers of the country with the First of May Solidarity Day.

29.04.2011 | Comments

The General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Sharan Burrow and General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), John Monks were shocked by the news of the barbaric act of terrorism in the Minsk metro. In their letter to the BKDP Chairman Alexander Yaroshuk the leaders of the ITUC and ETUC have expressed...


Management of Mozyr Oil refinery has renewed its attempts on mass withdrawal of company workers from independent union.


On March 17 in the Labor Ministry premises the BKDP Deputy Chairman Nikolai Kanakh took part in the meeting of the Working group. Group members were to formulate the agenda of the next meeting of the Council for improvement of labor and social legislation which has been preliminarily scheduled for April.

22.03.2011 | Comments

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