339 thousand Belarusians were dismissed in six months

    Large and medium-sized enterprises in the country continue to get rid of “superfluous” personnel. The outflow of employees from flagship enterprises is measured in tens of thousands of people.

    According to the results of the first half of the year, large and medium-sized enterprises in Belarus dismissed 339.3 thousand people. At the same time, over 6 months, 291.9 thousand people were hired. This means that the net staff outflow from the flagship companies amounted to 47.4 thousand people.

    The relative value of the personnel flow is shown by the replacement ratio of those hired by the dismissed. If this ratio exceeds 100%, then there is a staff inflow (more are hired), if it is below 100%, then there is an outflow of personnel (more people are dismissed). In January-June 2021, the replacement rate was 86%. With a replacement rate of 86%, the following situation is being formed in the labour market: for every 100 dismissed employees, on average, there are only 86 people employed. Accordingly, the remaining 14 leave the monitored part of the market.

    Where can the dismissed employees “dissolve”? This can be an outflow of employees to small and micro-enterprises, starting a business of their own, emigration from the country, or leaving for a “gray” employment zone that is not counted on by statistical agencies.

    The replacement rate has reached 100% neither in Minsk nor in the regions. Thus, there was a net outflow of personnel from flagship enterprises throughout the country. In Minsk, this ratio was 84%, in regions – from 85.4% in Mogilev to 88.3% in Grodno.

    The last place in the Mogilev region can be associated with the difficult financial situation of the flagship companies, and the first place in the Grodno region – with the hiring of employees at the nuclear power plant.

    On a gross basis, employers in Minsk dismissed about 82.6 thousand people in 6 months, Brest region – 44.1 thous., Vitebsk – 38.4 thous., Gomel – 45.7 thous., Grodno – 37.7 thous., Minsk – 54.4 thous., Mogilev – 36.5 thous.

    Some of the employees were dismissed for being absent from work and other violations of labour discipline. For half a year, the number of such employees from flagship enterprises was about 17.7 thousand people. Most of those dismissed for this reason were in industry (5.4 thous.), in the agricultural sector (5.1 thous.), in construction (1.9 thous.) and in retail (2.8 thous.).

    In January-June 2021, the replacement rate in industry reached 87%, in the agricultural sector – 92.4%, in construction – 77.7%, in retail – 86.1%, in transport and logistics – 77.1%, in education – 75.7%, health care – 78.2%.

    As one can see, there is a net outflow of personnel in these sectors of the economy. As for the IT sector, there the flagship enterprises still have an inflow with a replacement rate of 111.7%.