Amendments to the Labour Code

    The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has announced amendments to the main document in the field of labour relations. The adjustments are expected to take effect from 2023.

    Starting from 2020, the Labour Code has a chapter regulating remote work. In 2021, 38% of surveyed companies used this form of work. As for the IT sector, 100% o companies switched to remote work.

    The revised Code is planned to include amendments regarding remote work. For example, the procedure for formalizing the transition to this format will be simplified. There is an idea to cancel the current mechanism in which it is necessary to make changes to the contract of an employee switching to remote work. It will be enough for the employer to issue an order to transfer the employee to a temporary remote work. In addition, there will be a norm that will make it possible to combine remote work and work in the office.

    It is planned to revise the rules for providing a paid free day per week to parents raising three or more children under the age of 16 or a disabled child under the age of 18. It will be possible, at the request of the employee and in agreement with the employer, instead of 1 free day a week, to establish for an employee a reduced duration of work (shift) by 1 hour with the same salary.

    Amendments concerning compensation with milk for work in harmful or dangerous working conditions have also been announced. It is planned to replace milk with a cash payment. Employees will get the right to choose. In order to receive money instead of milk, an employee will need to file an application.

    A day for comprehensive medical care will be provided. The norm of the Labour Code will guarantee the right to medical examination. If the employee decides to undergo a medical examination, the employer will be bound with the obligation to provide the employee with a paid day off from work, at the request of the employee, within the period agreed upon by the parties to the employment contract. After that, the employee will have to bring a document confirming the fact of the medical checkup. It is planned that this will be written information provided by the district doctor and containing a list of the medical examinations that the employee has undergone.