American corporation Cummins terminated cooperation with BelAZ

    In response to a request from the Professional Union of Belarusians in Britain (PUBB), the American corporation Cummins wrote that they “do not send any products to BelAZ or its dealers”. This letter came to PUBB’s e-mail address.

    Cummins was one of the main suppliers of engines for BelAZ (Belarusian automobile plant). Back in June, the Belarusian manufacturer announced plans to purchase 12 engines from the American corporation for a total of $ 4.8 million.

    The mass media associate the refusal to supply with European sanctions and the efforts of the Belarusian communities. PUBB first reached out to Cummins in September 2020.

    On June 22, Rolls-Royce, the second major supplier of automotive products, stopped cooperation with BelAZ. Previously, deliveries were carried out through Rolls-Royce‘s German subsidiary – MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH.

    “We take all our contacts seriously and conduct investigations in accordance with our procedures. Upon completion of the investigation, Rolls Royce has acted in accordance with its Code of Conduct, corporate values ​​and legal obligations. Thus, in accordance with the EU sanctions recently imposed on BelAZ, since June 22, 2021, Rolls-Royce has ceased all operations with BelAZ and any customers owned or partially owned by BelAZ”, – stated the company.

    Earlier this year, Becker Group, Liebherr and Danfoss refused to cooperate with BelAZ.