Basic pay rate to increase in Belarus

    The salaries of public sector employees will grow due to a gradual increase in the basic pay rate used to calculate them, from the current BYN 207 up to BYN 210 by May 2022. As a result, at the end of the entire increase cycle, the increase will amount between BYN 7 and BYN 35, as reported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

    The basic pay rate is the main element of the tariff system on the basis of which the wages are paid to employees of budgetary organizations and other organizations receiving subsidies the employees of which are equal in wages to employees of budgetary organizations.

    The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection previously announced an increase in the wages of public sector employees in 2022 due to an increase in the basic pay rate in 2 stages.

    The first stage of the increase went according to plan: from January 01, 2022, the basic pay rate was raised from BYN 198 up to BYN 207, or by 4.5%. The second stage of the increase was planned to be implemented from September 01, 2022.

    However, “the government has decided to raise the basic pay rate ahead of schedule, starting from March,” the press service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection comments.

    Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 194 dated March 31, 2022 “On the amount of the basic pay rate” establishes the following standard parameters:

    BYN 208 – from March 1, 2022;

    BYN 209 – from April 1, 2022;

    BYN 210 – from May 1, 2022.

    Other compensation and incentive payments are pegged to the basic pay rate, thus, due to the increase in the basic pay rate wages in May will increase by BYN 7 – BYN 35, depending on the qualifications of the employee.