Belarusian Free Trade Union sent to the House of Representatives its amendments to the Education Code

    The amendments are focused on the development and legislative consolidation of institutional autonomy in higher and secondary education institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

    For two months, independent experts carried out the campaign “Let’s reforming the education system together!”

    As part of the campaign, seven conferences were held on the Zoom platform with the participation of experts, lecturers, students and teachers – members of the Belarusian Free Trade Union, as well as representatives on the part of parents and other parties concerned in the educational process, at which the main disadvantages of Belarusian education were identified and ways to eliminate them were proposed. During the discussions, a document was developed with alternative amendments to the Code. The amendments apply to all key articles of the Education Code and are aimed at improving the quality of education, since the current year has shown that the current model of education leads to student shortage in universities and the outflow of young people abroad.

    The of the expert group Andrei Lavrukhin – expert of the Public Bologna Committee, senior analyst of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research, Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in History of Philosophy, believes that the materials received can be the basis for further research in this direction, as well as for the preparation of a Roadmap for reforms in the field of education (primarily in the direction of the development of institutional autonomy) in the future, if not accepted by the current legislators.

    The full text of the document is available at: