Belarusians to work more

    Flagship companies reported on the number of working hours of their employees. This makes it possible to find out who has the busiest working days in Belarus.

    In 2021, employees of large and medium-sized companies in the country worked 1,921 hours. The workload has increased compared to 2020: then, over 12 months, the output amounted to 1902 hours. It is noteworthy that 2020 was a leap year, i.e., a day longer than 2021. However, more working hours have accumulated in 2021 – more than 2 working days (based on 8 hours per day).

    Officials regularly set the estimated norm of working hours for the year. In 2021, this norm for a 5-day period was equal to 2,050 hours, for a 6-day period – 2,031 hours.

    At the end of 2021, the lowest workload was in Minsk – 1,895 hours. In 2020, Minsk citizens worked less – 1,870 hours in January – December. The smaller number of working hours at the flagships of Minsk is due to the fact that in the capital, for well-known reasons, there are very few people employed in agriculture, while in the regions there are tens of thousands of them.

    Employment in Minsk and other regions of Belarus is high when compared with the developed countries of Europe. In countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France and others, the working time per year is 1,400 – 1,500 hours. In other words, these Europeans spend 20 – 25% less time at work than Belarusians, writes the information portal

    In the regions of Belarus, the amount of working hours for 2021 ranged from 1,918 in Brest to 1,943 in Mogilev. Also, flagship workers in the Mogilev region took the last place in terms of hourly wages – only BYN 7 per hour, with the national average of BYN 8.7.

    It turns out that residents of Mogilev work the most, but receive the lowest wages. This is probably due to the fact that, according to the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat), the Mogilev region has the highest proportion of flagships with negative and low profitability. The financial state of companies in the eastern region does not make it possible to pay more. The highest hourly wage for 2021 is shown in Minsk – BYN 12.6. In other regions, hourly wages for the year were as follows:

    Brest region – BYN 7.5,

    Vitebsk region – BYN 7.3,

    Gomel region – BYN 7.8,

    Grodno region – BYN 7.5,

    Minsk region – BYN 8.7.

    The largest number of working hours in 2021 was reported in the agricultural sector (2,165), taxi (2,099) and healthcare (2,076). Last year, the level of hourly wages in these areas amounted to BYN 5.6, BYN 7.7 and BYN 7.6, respectively.

    The highest salary in the country was noted among IT specialists – BYN 37.8 per hour. In 2021, IT sector employees spent 1,911 working hours “at the machine sit”. The outsiders of Belarus in terms of hourly wages are water transport (BYN 4.8) and social service workers (BYN 4.9). The hourly salary in the public administration sector in 2021 amounted to BYN 10.5.