Bellegprom complained about problems with the supply of raw materials

    According to the chairman of the Bellegprom concern (Belarusian State Concern for the Production and Sale of Light Industry Goods) Tatiana Lugina, there are problems with the supply of both dyes and materials.

    Lungina says that in Belarus there is neither cotton nor wool of the appropriate quality so that they can be used in factories. There have been no problems with the supply of cotton, however, there are problems with everything else arising. The main problems are the supply of chemicals from Europe, since the best dyes, softeners and other solutions are manufactured there. In this regard, Germany and Switzerland have always been the main suppliers. Now they are being replace with suppliers from India and Turkey. However, this process is long.

    There are problems with flax as well.

    “We have undergone modernization: our second and third factories have been modernized; especially the third factory of the Orsha Flax Mill has been modernized for high-quality long, thin flax fiber which, unfortunately, we have not been able to obtain here for several years. We need to buy it from abroad – from France and Belgium”, – said Tatiana Lugina. At the same time, it is hardly possible to replace these European suppliers. Hence the big question is: what will happen to the modernized Belarusian factories?