Dan Gallin: Workers will never stop organizing democratic unions

    Dan Gallin, former General Secretary of the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF) and currently – chair of the Global Labour Institute (GLI), addressed the Belarusian Independent Trade Union members and congratulated them on the 30th anniversary of the trade union.

    – It is a great honour and pleasure for me to congratulate your trade union on its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, let me express to you my deep respect and gratitude for your unswerving commitment to the fundamental principles of the trade union movement, which the labour movement has always guided by throughout its history.

    History creates identity, and so it is important both for past and for the future. Our history teaches us that dictatorships are never durable, no matter how strong they may seem at a certain stage. Workers will never stop organizing democratic trade unions in their constant struggle for freedom and justice for themselves and for society. You can be sure of our unwavering solidarity.