Dismissed for being in prison

    Viktor Yakubov, PhD in History, was dismissed from Polotsk State University for being held in custody. Days of imprisonment were counted as unjustified absence from work.

    – I was dismissed for being absent from work on September 2 – 15 when he was serving an administrative arrest in the Isolation Center for Offenders in Novopolotsk, – explains the Associate Professor who was sentenced to 15 days in prison for reposting materials from a TV channel recognized as extremist. – This is written in the employment record book. I filed a written request to grant me an unpaid leave due to circumstances beyond my control, but the newly appointed rector made a resolution – “Objected”.

    Earlier Viktor Yakubov was detained twice: he was sentenced to 15 days in prison for participating in actions (he spent 45 days behind bars). However, at that time the professor was not dismissed.

    – I was surprised myself. At that time, according to the Labour Code, the administrative punishment was considered a circumstance of insuperable force. Of course, I was scolded and reprimanded, but since autumn I did not participate in mass events, so the administration formally let me be.

    Yakubov himself is a graduate of Polotsk State University. He worked there since 2007. He also took courses at universities in Poland, Russia, Hungary.

    – I am a patriot of the university and I did a lot for its development. Together with friends, I created the “Social Communications” specialization, – he shares.

    The academic historian has not been offered a job yet. He says that he is ready to consider different options.

    Someone loses, someone finds. Belarusians do not have the “Go back!” command, we just turn around and “Go forward!” – wrote Victor on Facebook.

    Amendments to the Labour Code took effect on June 30. Article 42 prescribed additional grounds for dismissing an employee at the initiative of the employer. Among them – absence from work due to administrative arrest, participation in an illegal strike or coercion of colleagues to do so.