Employers dismissed more than 413 thousand Belarusians

    Large and medium-sized enterprises of Belarus report monthly on hired and dismissed employees. At the end of 7 months of 2021, the country’s flagship companies dismissed 413.6 thousand people. During the same time, 364.3 thousand people were hired. Thus, the outflow of personnel from the flagships on a net basis amounted to 49.3 thousand people.

    In January – July 2020, the net outflow amounted to 37.6 thousand people. Compared to the last crisis year, the outflow from the flagships has increased. People leave their jobs for various reasons: retirement, moving to work in a small business, starting their own business, emigration. At the end of 2020, for the first time in a long period, the inflow of personnel to small enterprises did not soften the outflow from large and medium-sized enterprises.

    The increase in personnel outflow is also seen in relative indicators. The main such indicator is the replacement rate of dismissed workers with hired ones. The replacement rate indicates how many people were recruited for every 100 people dismissed. If the ratio exceeds 100%, then there is a net inflow of personnel, if it is under 100%, then there is an outflow. For 7 months of 2021, the replacement rate at flagship enterprises was 88.1%. This is worse than last year when the ratio was 90.8%.

    Separately, in July, the situation also worsened. If in 2020 there was a net inflow of personnel to flagship companies (with a coefficient of 105.7%), then in 2021 it was replaced by an outflow (coefficient of 97.7%). For the second year in a row, the worst ratio of hired and fired workers was recorded in Minsk. In the capital, the replacement rate on flagships for 7 months of 2021 amounted to 84.4% (against 87.6% in 2020).

    In the regions, replacement rates were in the range between 88.1% and 91.1%. The best ratio is typical for the Grodno region, the worst one – for the Mogilev region. The leadership of the Grodno region may be related to the recruitment of personnel for the energy sector in the region.

    Compared to last year, the number of those dismissed for being absent from duty and for other disciplinary violations has increased. If in 2020 there were 20.7 thousand of them, then in 2021 their number amounted to 21.2 thousand. The number of those dismissed as a result of liquidation of organizations or personnel optimization has also increased. In 2020, their number was 2.5 thousand, and in 2021 – already 4.3 thousand.