Fedynich: sterilization of the civil society is impossible

    A massive crackdown of the third sector is taking place in Belarus: there is official information about 57 liquidated public organizations. The lists of organizations destroyed are updated daily.

    What does a total crackdown mean and what will be its outcome? The leader of the REP Trade Union (the Belarusian Trade Union of workers of radio and electronic industry) Gennady Fedynich shared his opinion with the website praca-by.info.

    – All public structures that are outside the control of the state are being liquidated. Today, the authorities are afraid of everything and everyone, and so they are closing down legal and social organizations that help people with disabilities. The state demonstrates its weakness by trying to drive civil society into the ghetto.

    Сrackdown takes place not only at the national but also at the regional level. Does the government really think that without political reforms, without concern for the welfare of citizens, they can break something that benefits society?

    I think that the 57 liquidated organizations is not the final figure, it will increase.

    Who’s next in line? The next may be small and medium-sized businesses that work without regard to the state; independent trade unions will get under closer attention as well since they also work independently for the benefit of working people but not under the control of the Federation of Trade Unions. The further course of events is impossible to predict.

    One thing is certain: it will be impossible for them to make the civil society sterile.