Former BMZ workers Aleksandr Bobrov and Evgeniy Govor at large

    Two participants in the criminal case on the fact of blocking the road for utility vehicles on the premises of BMZ (Belarusian Steel Works) in Zhlobin are at large. They are among the 13 people “pardoned”.

    Aleksandr and Evgeniy are former employees of the Belarusian Steel Works in Zhlobin. On August 17, 2020, in protest against election fraud and violence against peaceful protesters, they, together with other BMZ workers, blocked the road for utility vehicles on the premises of the plant. Later, the Zhlobin District Court delivered a verdict to Aleksandr Bobrov and Evgeniy Govor: they were sentenced to two and a half years’ imprisonment in a standard regime penal colony.

    The Belarusian Independent Trade Union and the Association of Trade Unions “Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions”, as well as international trade union associations, throughout the year demanded from the Belarusian authorities their immediate release.

    Unfortunately, hundreds of other political prisoners are still in prison, including Igor Povarov. He participated in the same protest action at BMZ in Zhlobin, which resulted into the shutdown of the smelting furnaces for several hours and damage in the amount of 350 Euros, and for which Evgeniy Govor, Aleksandr Bobrov and Igor Povarov were sentenced to 2.5 – 3 years in prison. The Independent Trade Union considers this verdict to be unfair and politically motivated.