Grodno Azot and Belorusneft may be subjected to new EU sanctions

    The fifth package of EU sanctions will affect not only Belavia but also Grodno Azot and Belorusneft, the German news magazine Spiegel reports.

    According to Spiegel, the European Union is now approving the sanctions list which may be adopted at the end of next week.

    The sanctions will include the Syrian charter airline Cham Wings Airlines and the Turkish passport and visa service provider VIP Grub.

    According to a Spiegel source, the tour operators Oskartur and Tsentrkurort will be put under the sanctions.

    Spiegel notes that the new package of sanctions will be economically painful for Belarus as it will include the fertilizer producer Grodno Azot and the petrochemical company Belorusneft.

    Besides, individuals who, according to the EU, are involved in organizing illegal migration, will also fall under the sanctions. Their accounts will be blocked, and they will also be prohibited from entering the EU.