IndustriALL Congress condemns violation of independent trade union rights in Belarus

    IndustriALL Global Union’s Third Congress has adopted a resolution in support of an independent trade union movement in Belarus.

    IndustriALL recognizes that the ruling elite is seizing every opportunity to steadily, step by step, deprive citizens and workers in the country of democratic and trade union rights through criminal charges and discriminatory measures”, the statement reads.

    IndustriALL Global Union’s Congress condemned the ongoing violence in the Republic of Belarus and the persecution of trade unionists, expressed solidarity with the Belarusian labour movement.

    The Congress called on the leadership of IndustriALL Global Union and all its affiliates to support independent trade unions in Belarus and requested the International Labour Organization to help bring to public notice and condemn any violation of ILO Conventions, especially with regard to freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, including the right to strike.