Italian company Pirelli Group stops cooperation with BMZ

    The world’s leading tire manufacturer made this decision in connection with violations of workers’ rights.

    After several months of investigating the situation with workers’ rights at the Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ), the world’s leading tire manufacturer Pirelli Group confirmed to the Professional Union of Belarusians in Britain (PUBB) on December 23, 2021 that the Pirelli Group decided “to stop the commercial relations with BMZ”.

    Pirelli produces tires, among others, for Formula 1 Races and is mentioned among the top clients of BMZ‘s Austrian subsidiary, Belmet GmbH.

    Let us remind that in June the Swedish Scandia Steel decided “to phase out BMZ as a supplier and to suspend future procurement orders to BMZ”. In July, a similar decision was made by Yokohama Rubber Group. The French group Michelin is still investigating violations of workers’ rights at BMZ.

    In addition, in a resolution adopted in October, the EU Parliament called for the extension of the EU sectoral sanctions on steel (paragraph 13), after which no Western buyer will be able to work with BMZ.