Minsk is in need of 840 nurses, 743 doctors, 129 teachers and 673 cooks

    Most of the vacancies announced in the metropolitan employment service make are blue-collar jobs, the Minsk-Novosti state agency reported citing the Committee for Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

    The list of the most in demand blue-collar jobs includes professions  in the construction field (bricklayer, painter, plasterer, tile layer, building constructions erector, plumber, carpenter, electric and gas welder), trade and public catering (head cashier, waiter, cook, salesman), transport field (driver of a car, trolleybus, loader operator), industry (mechanic of mechanical assembly works, turner, milling machine operator, electrician), etc.

    As for specialists, healthcare professionals are most in demand (nurse, physician, physician assistant, pharmacist, X-ray laboratory assistant, paramedic), engineering workers, specialists in the field of education and culture (librarian, nursery school teacher, specialist in teaching methods, nursery school teacher assistant, university teacher, school teacher), administrators, accountants, sales representatives, electromechanical technicians, heads of organizations and their structural divisions, specialists in various fields.

    The top 10 blue-collar jobs includes: cook (673 vacancies), salesman (570), chief cashier (470), a painter (452), plasterer (411), motor vehicle driver (403), bricklayer (377), electrical technician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment (327), specialist in complex maintenance and repair of buildings and structures (302), plumber (274).

    The top 10 white-collar vacancies are: nurse (840), specialist physician (743), engineer (727), manager (166), nursery school teacher (160), teacher (129), paramedic (110), software engineer (104), pharmacist (83), economist (77).