Police collect DNA samples from public activists in Polotsk

    Previously, the police tried to take fingerprints from almost all public activists, and now they are calling for the provision of DNA-containing biomaterials.

    The activist of the Belarusian Free Trade Union Viktor Stukov was forced to comply with the demand of the police: for this purpose, a police officer in Polotsk visited him personally. The procedure took place right on the street, the activist said:

    – The policeman arrived in civilian clothes, introduced himself, and showed his ID. Right near the entrance, on a bench, he gave me two packs of cotton wool, told me to hold it in my mouth – first at the right cheek and then at the left one. He explained me that I had to undergo this procedure in connection with my alleged involvement in some criminal case. However, in Polotsk, everyone who “got spotted” in administrative or criminal cases during the protests must undergo the same procedure now.

    Viktor Stukov notes that the legislation requires citizens to provide DNA-containing biomaterials at the request of the police in cases where these citizens are involved in criminal cases. However, the procedure is also mandatory for those who were sentenced to an administrative penalty only. According to Viktor Stukov, there was a case in Polotsk when a person refused to provide DNA-containing biomaterials. Later they searched his house, left a terrible mess there, and after that initiated a criminal case in order to have official grounds for the collection of biomaterials.