SPB launches the campaign “Let’s reform the education system together!”

    In November 2021, it is planned to adopt amendments to the Education Code. The recent admission campaign showed a shortage, a strong drop in passing marks in some universities in the country, including BSU, a large outflow of students abroad.

    The Belarusian Free Trade Union (SPB), together with independent experts, is launching the campaign “Let’s reform the education system together!” and invites the citizens of the country to join the discussion of the new draft Education Code.

    Now the level of education in Belarus often does not guarantee employment, professional development or decent earnings. The outflow of young people abroad for quality education and better career prospects is only increasing every year.

    The SPB proposes a program of education reform at all levels. Each topic will be discussed in detail in the near future.

    You can get acquainted with the materials already available here.

    Each week, a discussion on a group of issues will be announced, and after that, at the discussions themselves, those who wish will be able to express themselves and propose their solutions. Everyone’s voice, opinion and comments are important in order for proposals to be accepted and included in the Education Code.

    Join us!

    For all questions, please contact

    E-mail: [email protected]