SPB Presidium issued a statement in regard to forced resignations

    The trade union recommends not agreeing to employment termination by agreement of the parties.

    The full text of the statement is given below.


    of the Belarusian Free Trade Union (SPB) Presidium

    December 15, 2021


    Dismissals and forced termination of employment have become widespread. People who manifested their civic mindfulness during the presidential elections are the first to fall under this press. Also, to enforce resignation, employers use illegally obtained lists of members of the Belarusian Free Trade Union (SPB) or simply employees who have declared their intention to join our union.

    We cannot regard this as anything other than discrimination.

    To those who initiate such dismissals, we remind you that in accordance with the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus, discrimination – i.e., limitation of labour rights or obtaining any benefits depending on gender, race, national and social origin, language, religious or political beliefs, participation or non-participation in trade unions or other public associations, property or official status, age, place of residence, physical or mental disabilities that do not interfere with the performance of the relevant job duties, other circumstances not related to business qualities and not due to the specifics of the employee’s job function – is prohibited.

    An employee who has been discriminated against is subject to reinstatement with payment of average earnings for forced absenteeism.

    The right to work is an inalienable human right. We recommend that employees not agree to resign by agreement of the parties and, in case of dismissal on direct or indirect discriminatory grounds, go to court in order to record the fact of discrimination. The Free Trade Union warrants to its members legal and financial support in case of unlawful dismissal.

    Guilty parties will incur inevitable punishment for unlawful acts.