Strike committee of Grodno Azot anticipates an accident

    A breakdown was detected at Grodno Azot – a crack on the transition cone of the riser pipe. Converted gas emission occurred. After an inspection at the plant, it was decided to continue the operation of the pipe.

    “On September 2, 2021 at about 10:00 p.m., during a planned bypass of the reforming furnace equipment, operational personnel discovered a crack on the transition cone of the 12th row riser pipe with the outflow of converted gas”, the company reports.

    “The personnel immediately took control and safety measures – nitrogen was supplied, periodic analyzes of the air in the pass zone were provided with a portable gas analyzer. On september 3, the technical services of the enterprise, after a comprehensive analysis of the situation, made a decision on further operation with the implementation of additional technical safety and control measures. There is no threat to the city, ecology, residents of the city and employees of the enterprise. During the planned shutdown of the workshop from September 10, 2021, the defective unit will be repaired”.

    The strike committee of the plant says that the further operation of the equipment without a prompt stop for repairs is risky, including for the health of workers. The strike committee sees the possibility of an accident and notes that the situation is complicated by the fact that previously highly qualified workers were dismissed from the enterprise.