The deputy chairman of the BNP primary organization at Naftan OJSC is detained

    Vadim Mikhailov, the deputy chairman of the primary trade union organization of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) at Naftan OJSC was detained on September 3, during a lunch break. In the opinion of the trade union, the detention is related to his active trade union activities.

    The reason for the arrest, according to the trade union activist himself, was the “Pahonia” coat of arms on the trunk of the car. traffic police officers brought him to the City Department of Internal Affairs of Novopolotsk. The Interior Ministry officials decided to keep Mikhailov in custody until the trial. He is charged with an administrative offense.

    The Independent Trade Union members are sure that this detention is not accidental. In the 103rd shop, where Mikhailov works, “staff rationalization” is now taking place. Vadim, in turn, is trying to defend the interests of employees who have been laid off. In addition, this year Vadim Mikhailov was in litigation with the corporate management. Then the Novopolotsk Court upheld the disciplinary sanction imposed on the Belarusian Independent Trade Union activist for not having a pass with him at his workplace.

    This year, the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus was amended to allow employers to dismiss employees “in connection with serving punishment under administrative law in the form of administrative arrest”. Thus, if the court recognizes Vadim Mikhailov’s guilt and awards him administrative arrest, the trade union activist may be dismissed from the enterprise after serving the administrative arrest.

    The court session will be held on September 6.