The employer requests the deletion from the collective agreement of the section on guarantees of trade union activities

    On August 4, the third round of negotiations on the conclusion of a new collective agreement of unitary construction company “Trust “Remmontazhstroy” for 2021 – 2024 took place. Five sections were considered at the meeting of the commission. The main topic of discussion was the section related to guarantees of trade union activity at the enterprise.

    The members of the commission considered the following sections: labour protection; housing (the issue of lending rental housing was submitted for revision). Guarantees in case of idle time, temporary suspension of work (production), reduction of the number of employees (staff); guarantees in case of a change of ownership and reorganization of an enterprise; cultural and physical culture and health-improving work remained unchanged.

    Clause 11.2 of the Section “Guarantees for the activities of the trade union” aroused a discussion. The employer’s representatives proposed to exclude this clause entirely, referring to the collective agreement of OJSC “Belaruskali”. This argumentation seemed to be strange and unfounded, so the trade unions expressed the opposite opinion. The consideration of the issue was postponed until the following meeting of the commission. This clause is related to ensuring the protection of trade union members elected to trade union positions and to the governing bodies of the trade union.

    At the next meeting of the commission the parties will continue to discuss the clauses of the Section “Payments” related to the bonus for the Builder’s Day, clause 6.6 on the renewal of monthly subsidies to reduce the cost of catering services, as well as clause 6.7 related to urban-transport passes.

    The next meeting of the commission for concluding a collective agreement will be held on August 11, 2021.