The number of employed persons in Belarus is decreasing

    The state of the labour market in Belarus is worsening much faster than a year ago despite the fact that in November last year there was a political crisis in the country and now the situation has more or less stabilized.

    In November 2021, 4,255.2 thousand people were employed, which is 9.5 thousand people less than in October of the same year, and 51.9 thousand people less than in November last year.

    This may be due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic which led to additional deaths and reductions in some sectors of the economy.

    In organizations, excluding microorganizations and small enterprises without departmental subordination, in November this year, employment decreased compared to October by 6,097 people, which is significantly less than the decrease in November 2020, which amounted to 8,088 people, writes

    In industry, employment decreased by 1,505 people in November 2021, which is significantly less than in November last year, when the reductions were equal to 2,232 people. This is a consequence of a significant increase in production volumes at some enterprises.

    For some reason, a very significant decrease in employment in November of this year occurred in the field of health care and social services: by 704 people, while in November last year it decreased by 102 people. It is possible that the medical staff cannot withstand the stress due to the coronavirus.

    In education, employment increased in November this year compared to October by only 37 people, while a year ago it increased by 105 people.

    In the financial and insurance sectors, the situation has improved. Employment in November decreased by just 63 people, while a year ago it dropped by 244 people.

    Things have also improved in construction: the number of dismissals has dropped sharply, possibly due to the shortage of construction workers in Russia.

    The largest increase in employment in November 2021 was in the wholesale and retail trade, as well as in the repair of cars and motorcycles: by 704 people. In November last year, employment in these sectors increased by 624 people. As we see, the rise is of a seasonal nature.

    At the same time, in the field of transport activities, warehousing, postal and courier activities, in November, there were significant reductions: by 897 people. In November last year, employment in transport decreased by 718 people. Perhaps this is a consequence of the seasonal decline in agricultural activity.