What are the wage levels at large factories in Belarus?

    BelAZ is planning to raise wages from December 1. First category tariff rates for workers will be increased by 15%, and for specialists – by 10%.

    The amount of these rates affects the levels of piece work rates, basic rates and standard salaries. The company explains that the wage rise will apply to the factory branches as well. Specific amounts are not disclosed. Most of the current job vacancies at this factory provide for the wage level of up to BYN 1,000. It should be borne in mind that, as a rule, the amounts are indicated before taxes.

    At Grodno Azot, the average wage amount in the first quarter of this year was BYN 1,805. In April, the company was going to raise the tariff rate for the first category workers by 15%. According to the factory’s estimates, this was supposed to increase the average earnings up to BYN 2,000.

    As a result, it was planned that the average wage amount at the enterprise in April would reach BYN 2,073.5, and in May – BYN 2,186. In May, the workers of Grodno Azot and Khimvolokno got a BYN 300 bonus on the occasion of the Chemist’s Day. In July, a new bonus payment scheme was introduced at the enterprise: depending on the financial results and the efficiency of the enterprise, the bonus may range between 45% and 100%. The workers of the plant may also get an additional bonus if they overfulfill the production plan, and also ensure the high quality of the products.

    At MTZ (Minsk Tractor Works), the average monthly wages in January – May this year amounted to BYN 1,605, in May – BYN 1,730. From October 1, the factory promised to raise wages by 8%.

    From August 1, amendments to the payroll procedure were introduced at Naftan. Thus, the wage rates for workers were increased by 50% (wages for employees – by 40%). At the same time, the factory reduced bonus amounts from 90% to 45%, which were based on the results of economic activities.

    Personal allowances were also established at Naftan in order to prevent a decrease in the amount of wages at the time of the introduction of new payment conditions. “The main positive result of the reform is an increase in the guaranteed part of wages, namely, payment according to the wage rates of workers (official salaries of employees)”, – the company said. The amounts of the health improvement allowance, which employees used to get when they went on paid leave, as well the severance pay upon termination of an employment contract, were not increased.

    In the first half of 2020, the average wage amount at Naftan was about BYN 2,000. More up-to-date information was not published in open sources.