What jobs are in high demand in Minsk?

    At the beginning of November, 24,302 employees were required in Minsk. There is still a shortage of medical staff, builders, cooks, and salesmen in the capital city. This follows from the data available on the website of the Committee for Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

    The most in demand specialists in Minsk are nurses (852 vacancies) and specialist physicians (750 vacancies). Over the past two months, the demand for them has grown.

    The labour market is also in demand for engineers (776 vacancies), nursery school teachers (227), sales representatives (179), nursery school teacher assistants (118), school teachers (118), paramedics (111), software engineers (109), pharmacists (87).

    According to the metropolitan employment service, “the list of the most required specialists includes healthcare professionals (nurse, physician, physician assistant, pharmacist, X-ray laboratory assistant, paramedic), engineering workers, specialists in the field of education and culture (librarian, nursery school teacher, specialist in teaching methods, nursery school teacher assistant, university teacher, school teacher)”.

    As for workers, at the beginning of November there were almost 15.7 thousand vacancies, or 64.4% of all job offers. The most in demand professions include cooks (674 vacancies), salesmen (570), motor vehicle drivers (430), head cashiers (426).

    Builders are also in demand. For example, there are 452 vacancies for painters, 377 – for plasterers, and 344 – for bricklayers.