Which companies left Belarus?

    Recently, many global companies, organizations and international services have refused to work in Belarus. Their list is updated almost daily.

    So far, most companies have left the Belarusian market temporarily, i.e., they have suspended or limited their activities in Belarus, suspended the supply of products, services, or have frozen production.

    However, there are those who have decided to leave Belarus completely, having ceased cooperation with our country. The Belorusy i Rynok newspaper gives a list of these companies.


    Transport and logistics

    The Danish company MAERSK, which specializes in sea freight transportation, has suspended accepting new orders for transportation to and from Belarus.

    The Finnish manufacturer of forestry equipment Ponsse has decided to temporarily stop all export deliveries to the Russian Federation and Belarus.

    The international postal and logistics company DHL has suspended the delivery of goods and documents to Belarus and Russia.

    The American company FedEx, which provides postal, courier and other logistics services, has decided not to temporarily serve Belarus and Russia.

    UPS, a specialist in express delivery and logistics, has suspended the delivery of parcels and mail to Russia and Ukraine; Belarus is under consideration.


    Manufacturers and retail trade

    Over the past week, world brands, manufacturers of food and non-food products, and online stores have left Belarus (or suspended their activities).



    The world’s largest manufacturers of high-tech products suspend supplies to the Republic of Belarus.

    Belarus and Russia may be cut off from the supply of the latest technologies for both the consumer sector and data centers (supercomputers, military, network technologies).


    Service sector and online services

    Taxi service Bolt has left Belarus. Earlier it was reported that the company was going to invest several million dollars in Belarus.

    International photobank Depositphotos has stopped all sales and services to clients and partners from the Russian Federation and Belarus.

    Djinni, a job search platform for IT specialists, has frozen the vacancies of companies from the Russian Federation and Belarus.

    Jooble, , has ceased operations in the Russian Federation and Belarus.

    International consulting and auditing firms PwC, KPMG, Deloitte have announced the termination of operations in Russia and Belarus. However, there is a point. For example, PwC is going to withdraw its Russian and Belarusian branches from the international network. The new independent PwC offices in Russia and Belarus will be renamed and will be able to continue serving local clients as well as international companies operating in these countries.

    Upwork, Booking.com, Airbnb have suspended work in Belarus and Russia.


    Gaming and cryptocurrency

    The Polish studio CD Projekt, the creator of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 games, has completely suspended sales of its video games in Russia and Belarus.

    The American company Electronic Arts, which owns the studio-publisher of sports games EA Sports (FIFA, NHL simulators), has announced the cessation of sales of its games in Russia and Belarus.

    Restrictions for Belarus and Russia have been also introduced by some crypto exchanges and crypto platforms.

    The British crypto platform CEX.IO has temporarily frozen the accounts of new users from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

    The Ukrainian crypto exchange QMALL has refused to work with users from Russia and Belarus and blocked their accounts and assets.


    In addition, banks and payment systems have stopped or limited cooperation with Belarus. Ukrainian banks have blocked accounts of Belarusian citizens. The National Bank of Ukraine has banned payment by cards issued by banks of Belarus and Russia.

    The Lithuanian fintech company Paysera has announced the termination of operations in Russian rubles and the suspension of transfers to Belarus and Russia. Fintech startup Revolut will no longer transfer money to and from Russia and Belarus.

    Against the backdrop of the situation in Ukraine, foreign investors are leaving Belarus – some enterprises created in our country at the expense of foreign capital have suspended work or limited production.